Prospects for the international activities of the University


Development of international cooperation and education of NAU is an important aspect of strengthening the authority of the University in the international field. The main competitive advantage of our university in the global educational market is the aviation component. Most foreign students historically choose, first of all, aviation specialties. Retraining of the civil aviation management team is also the key to the perception of the university as a world-renowned aviation education center.


In 2019, the University celebrated the 70th anniversary of the training of foreign aviation specialists, began in 1949 at the Kiev Institute of Civil Air Fleet. The University has trained tens of thousands of specialists for more than one hundred and forty countries in the world for more than half of the century. Graduates of NAU are the leaders of airlines, airports, manufacturing and repair enterprises, design and constructing Bureaus.


Priority development fields of the international education of the University are:


  • bring into compliance curriculums of NAU and the world leading aviation universities according to current requirements of the aviation industry;
  • implementation of aeronautical subjects into the curriculum of non-aviation specialties as this industry needs aviation managers, economists, psychologists, lawyers, international relations experts;
  • essential advancing of teaching the disciplines in professional English;
  • mass participation of the lead instructors of NAU in the system of training and retraining of aviation personnel.


The growth of the world image of the University is supported with the development of bilateral relations with leading institutions and organizations of the world. NAU is a member of International Association of Aviation and Aerospace Education (ALICANTO) under the authority of ICAO.


The integrated program as to export education expansion and the increase of numbers of NAU foreign students was worked out for 2019 – 2029.
Set of actions is considered to provide the cooperation with the leading international organizations notably with aviation area; the development of the all-around relations within international educational associations and bilateral agreements with leading universities of the world; participation extension in realization of international EU, Canada, the USA projects and programs; the system elaboration of retraining and advanced training of aviation experts in different countries of the world; the improvement of cooperation with leading engineers and aerospace manufacturers (SE “Antonov”, Motor Sich JSC, SE “Plant 410 Civil Aviation”, Design Development “Luch”) in the field of training, retraining and traineeship of NAU students. The essential component is the opening of information and consulting branches of academic and research centers of the University abroad with the assistance of foreign alumni of the University.
Implementation of the program as to export tuition service extension and the increase of the amount of foreign students in NAU will strengthen the international image of Ukraine as an aviation state and will increase competitive advantage of the University as one of the leading higher education institution in the world system of aviation industry.


Prospects 2019