142 Power machinery

Educational Program:Gas turbine plants and compressor stations

Master`s of Power machinery

Programme learning outcomes

Ability to apply knowledge about modern achievements in the subjectarea. Possession of the basics of design, operation and repair offacilities and systems. Ability to rely on modern theoretical andmethodological approaches and principles of research. Ability to usecomputer technology in the formation of production, operational andservice services of the energy industry. Ability to create technicaldocumentation for a technical project. Ability to apply knowledge oflegislation, state standards of Ukraine and production and technicaldocumentation of the industry and its enterprises. Ability to ensure theidentity  of  the  results  of  laboratory  tests.  Ability  to  meet  therequirements of  research  customers.  Ability to  analyze  existingprocesses of design, production, operation and repair from thestandpoint of their effectiveness using the principles of IT technology.Ability to understand the directions of development of information and communication systems; information management skills in the conditions of formation and development of information society: to analyze, systematize and critically summarize and present information. Ability to use knowledge and practical skills on the feasibility study of the choice of raw materials, equipment of technological facilities and optimization of their operation. Ability to apply mathematical knowledge to master the theoretical foundations and practical application of methods of analysis, design of technological processes and properties of functional systems.

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