121 Software Engineering

Educational Program: Software engineering

Master of Software engineering

Programme learning outcomes

Know and apply modern software engineering professional legal documents.Evaluate and choose effective methods of software implementation, maintenance and management of relevant processes at all life cycle stages.Construct and research models of information processes of the applied domain.Identify information needs and classify data for software design.Develop, analyze, justify and systematize software requirements. Develop and evaluate software design strategies, justify, analyze and evaluate design solutions in terms of the quality of the final software product, resource constraints and other factors.Analyze, evaluate and apply modern software platforms on the system market to solve complex problems of software engineering.Develop and modify software architecture to implement customer requirements.Choose reasonable paradigms and programming languages for software development and to apply in practice modern software development tools.Modify existing and develop new algorithms for detailed software design.Provide the quality at all stages of the software life cycle, including the use of relevant models and assessment methods, as well as automated software testing and verification tools.Make effective organizational and management decisions in conditions of uncertainty and changing requirements, compare alternatives and assess risks.Configure software to manage its changes and software development at all life cycle stages.Predict the development of software systems and information technologies.Do software reengineering in accordance with customer requirements. Plan, organize and execute software testing.Gather, analyze and evaluate information using scientific and technical literature, databases and other sources to solve scientific and applied problems.

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