101 Environmental Studies

Educational Program: Ecology and Environmental Protection

Bachelor of Environmental Sciences

Programme learning outcomes

Ability to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of natural sciences in the field of ecology.

Ability to apply knowledge and understanding in the field of protection, conservation of the environment and sustainable management of natural resources

Experimental skills in studies the natural environment condition.

Basic knowledge and understanding of economic mechanisms of use, protection and reproduction of natural resources

Skills in the implementation of environmental law.

Ability to perform computer calculations for the purposes of environmental projects and analysis of experimental research results.

Ability to formulate conclusions about the integrated quality of the environment and its components

Ability to provide a reliable forecast of the development of natural phenomena and processes, including changes in environmental quality

Ability to choose and effectively apply environmental protection technologies in the field of nature management

Ability to work independently, preparation and defense of a thesis.

Demonstrated proficiency in English, special terminology for literary review.

Ability to plan and implement programs in the field of environmental education and training, educational and advocacy activities in the field of environmental protection

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