073 Management

Educational Program: Management of foreign economic activity

Bachelor of Management

Programme learning outcomes

Basic knowledge and modern approaches to the implementation of marketing, commercial and operational activities of the enterprise be able to monitor, analyze, control, diagnose and plan activities of the enterprise. Knowledge of management terminology, conceptual principles of management, ability to use modern management methods of enterprises of various ownership forms and spheres of activity. Knowledge of management activity features of enterprises as subjects of foreign economic activity of various economic sectors. Knowledge of the management principles of socio-economic systems at the micro and macro levels and methods for optimizing management processes. In-depth knowledge of information technologies and information systems providing management of the organization and its foreign economic activity. In-depth knowledge of project management. Knowledge of contract activity features of enterprises and specifics of the environment of national and foreign markets. Be able to identify and analyze the impact of elements of the macro- and microeconomic environment on the enterprise-subject of foreign economic activity. Basic knowledge and understanding of fundamental natural sciences, mathematics and information technologies to the extent necessary for mastering general professional and professional subjects and the use of their methods in the chosen profession. Ability to perform computer calculations related to management and economics, using appropriate software, knowledge of how to analyze and display results. Be able to operate with economic categories, identify and analyze relevant management problems. Possession of good work skills to operate independently (thesis), or in a group (control tests, including leadership skills in their implementation), the ability to obtain results within a limited time with an emphasis on professional integrity and plagiarism prevention. High level of English language proficiency, including special terminology, for reference searching. Understand different tools and strategies relevant to diagnosing and analyzing different types of management problems in domestic and foreign markets. Evaluate the management process effectiveness of the enterprise-subject of foreign economic activity, identify positive and negative trends and phenomena. Ability to use in practice diagnostic and analysis tools and strategies, as well as to make reports/review on them orally and in writing. Initiate, develop, implement and evaluate the effectiveness of investment and innovation projects of strategic development of the enterprise. Maintain business contacts, conduct business conversations with foreign partners, including in one of the foreign languages. Study international markets, European integration processes and prospects of cooperation with foreign partners on the basis of cross-cultural interaction. Assess needs of the organization in personnel development, participate in the development of investment projects for personnel development. Apply norms of the labour legislation while implementing personnel management processes. Monitor crisis prevention applying the system of indicators and criteria, identify and analyze the possible impact of risk factors on performance of the enterprise-subject of foreign economic activity.


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