Priority areas for the development of international education at the university are:

harmonization of NAU curricula with the curricula of the world’s leading aviation universities, bringing them in line with modern requirements of the aviation industry;

introduction of aviation disciplines in the curricula of “non-aviation” specialties, industries are needed

aviation managers, economists, psychologists, lawyers, internationals;

fundamental improvement of the level of teaching disciplines in professional English;

 wide involvement of leading NAU teachers in the system of training and retraining of aviation personnel.

The growth of the international image of the university is ensured by the development of bilateral relations with the leading higher educational institutions and organizations of the world. In particular, an agreement on the establishment of the International Association of Aviation and Aerospace Education (ALICANTO) was signed.

A comprehensive program has been developed to expand the export of educational services and increase the number of foreign students at NAU for 2019-2029.

The set of measures envisages the development of cooperation with leading international organizations, first of all, aviation;

development of multilateral relations within the framework of international educational associations and bilateral agreements with the world’s leading universities;

expanding participation in the implementation of international projects and programs of the EU, Canada, USA;

development of the system of retraining and advanced training of aviation specialists from different countries of the world;

improving cooperation with leading developers and manufacturers of aerospace equipment (SE “ANTONOV”, JSC “MOTOR SICH”, SE “Plant 410 CA”, CB “LUCH”) in the field of training, retraining and internships for university students.

An important component is the creation of consulting and information and training and research centers of the university abroad with the involvement of foreign graduates. Implementation of the program to expand the export of educational services and increase the number of foreign students at NAU will strengthen Ukraine’s international image as an aviation state and increase the competitiveness of the university as one of the leading higher education institutions in the global aviation education system.

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